Highgate Contemporary Art

Postcard Exhibition

From May 24th - May 31st

Each postcard sized painting was inspired by a visit to Cornwall last year and continues my `Cornish series. In total nine new studies and small mixed media paintings were created. All works sold and are available to view by visiting the Cornish series page and you can read the inspiration behind each painting.

Highgate Contemporary Art


From Sunday 3rd May

About the Exhibition

This exhibition showcases work by artists that have had all of their exhibitions, art fairs and scheduled events for the year ahead, cancelled due to Covid-19. 
An artist’s income; relies on the ability to participate in gallery exhibitions, shows and art fairs. These cancellations represent significant loss of income and with financial support for the self employed not kicking in until June there will be challenging times ahead for many artists and makers alike.
You may have seen that we have been running a Charity Postcard Exhibition with proceeds going to the ‘FeedNHS’ campaign set up by restaurant group Leon on this website. That exhibition has relied on artists’ very generously donating small pieces of work for us to sell and so far we have raised approximately £8,000 so far. For those of you that have been following the exhibition, I think you’ll agree, it has been quite a fantastic show and we are so incredibly grateful that so many of you got behind it and purchased something!

Unframed still has the idea of giving and supporting at its core. We wanted to set this up to give all artists an opportunity to exhibit their unframed work and receive their full commission. We pledge that 20% of our own commission will be donated to the ‘FeedNHS’ campaign and what remains after that, will stay with the gallery. 
As the title suggests, all work in this show is unframed, this recognises the fact that either as a result of the lockdown, due to self-isolating or just simply needing to ‘tighten up’, it has been difficult to get work framed or even justify the cost. Each piece in the show will be no more than 50cm in size and will be posted out directly from the artists studio.
This presents a great opportunity for you to pick up some brilliant studio work.

Some of the artists exhibiting in this online show have also decided to very generously donate some of their commission to the FeedNHS campaign as well, by matching our 20%. These pieces will be indicated by a rainbow image when the exhibition goes live. Over the coming days, you may notice a number of rainbows appearing on different collections of work across our website, please keep an eye out for them. 

A Day At The Beach
Oil on canvas
50cm x 50cm
£450 (SOLD)