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Andrew continues to work with several art consultants in the UK and UAE to collaborate on projects for clients, businesses, architects and interior designers to deliver inspirational places to live and work in. He has undertaken many innovative and exciting commissions including being selected by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre to produce a painting using tea and Indian ink for the 5th Global Dubai Tea Forum at the newly opened Sofitel the Palm Dubai in 2014. The completed painting measuring seven metres in length is hanging on permanent display in the companies headquarters.


Andrew's work is part of the corporate art collections of Goldman Sachs, Brunswick, S&P Global Inc, Abu Dhabi Royal Family, DMCC

Mubadala. He has completed many commissioned paintings for other clients which now hang all over the world in their private art collections. 

Published work by Indigo Art Ltd

Indigo Art Ltd started in 1981 producing framed prints from vintage photographic collections. One of the first customers was John Lewis who stocked their products in their stores nationwide. Since then Indigo Arts have been working with interior designers on hospitality projects for the past 40 years. Andrew's is delighted that his work below has recently selected to be published as part of the Indigo Collection. Andrew looks forward to working with Indigo Arts over the next 5 years on a variety of projects, from a Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Cruise Ship or Care Home, to provide artwork for a variety of different locations. 

Shocking Pink Landscape
As the name suggests Shocking Pink Landscape is inspired by looking at the horizon through hundreds of miles of air just before sunset. At this time, warmer colours of gold, purple, orange, and pink emerge, which upon interaction with the water droplets of clouds, changes them into the same brilliant colours. Red fishing buoys bob just off the coastline whilst the landscape in the foreground is starting to lose clarity as the sunset envelopes.
Teal and Pink Lavender Headland
Deep teal blues and greens take over the majority of the painting with exotic turquoise and apple greens juxtaposed with reds, lavenders and maroons. The optimistic light filled sky over the yellow and pink estuary evokes memories of walking along coastal paths, taking in the revitalizing sea breeze.
Blue Yellow and Grey Landscape
Just as beautiful bands of colour appear in the tiny oil slicks that form a top puddles on a rainy day, this painting evokes memories of vivid colours emerging in the landscape after a heavy downpour. The sun and streaks of sunlight come into view through the blue grey skies radiating energy across the fertile landscape in the foreground whilst the rainfall persists in the distance.
Chartreuse Green Meadows
Chartreuse is a color between yellow and green that was named because of its resemblance to the green color of one of the French liqueurs called green chartreuse, introduced in 1764. With the hazy sky in the background and deep bottle green hillside descending into lush chartreuse greens this painting evokes memories of walking alongside rapeseed filled meadows.
Red Summit
Red Summit is a lively painting filled with expressive brush-marks and complimentary colours depicting the highest point in the landscape as the main focal point. The summit is surrounded by a large area of light and dark green fields and cool blues collide with the vivid reds and oranges to suggest fire and water on the Earth.
Emerald Gorge
Emerald Gorge is an atmospheric depiction of the ever changing light conditions that casts shadows and highlights on the surrounding land. As the storm clouds approach casting darkness upon the mountains and light on the valley floor, revealing the flat land in all its glory, covered in yellow gorse, violet heather and emerald grass.
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