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A previous exhibition of Andrew Field's watercolours on handmade cotton rag paper 

The Concept

The concept that I have created started in Abu Dhabi where I lived for 11 years. In that time I painted regularly on the islands that make up Abu Dhabi including Yas Island as well as Saadiyat Island, now home to the iconic Yas Formula One Circuit and The Louvre, Abu Dhabi. In that time I developed my own unique style, painting plein-air to capture the natural environment that I fell in love with and observed in all weather conditions, at different times of the day and year. 

From the distant and remote shores of Abu Dhabi to the UK mainland, I now provide a bespoke painting service, whereby I can create an original painting to order within a day. Landscape painting is my passion and I would relish the opportunity to travel to explore and experience the remote, tranquil, rugged and remarkable areas of the UK, to create last memories of your favourite locations on paper.  

The Quality

Handmade British Fine Art Materials 

All paintings are produced using the finest quality British handmade art materials sourced directly from the suppliers


The Paper


The painting will be produced on Two Rivers Handmade Watercolour Paper measuring 16 x 20in. The Two Rivers paper mill in Somerset is 400 years old mill and is also hydro powered making it very environmentally friendly.

This paper is conservation quality, made with 100% cotton and linen rag and very hard sized. Because the paint is not drawn into the paper the pigment dries to a sharp and brilliant finish. 

Two Rivers paper has a unique random surface texture and a natural hand torn deckle edge (see last image above) to complement the style of the painting

The Paint


Wallace-Seymour fine quality, hand-made watercolour and vintage watercolour paint is made with the hand-sourced finest pigments, milled on granite rollers, with a special emulsion of Honey and Kordofan Gum Arabic. The watercolour range offers a selection of unique colours that are ideal for painting the British landscape. Many of the pigments are sourced from original quarries in the UK. 

The paints that Andrew uses are hand-made watercolour cakes, prepared with historic pigments, gum arabic, gum tragacanth, honey. Formed by hand and left to air dry into small round discs. The colour palette dates back to the 18C and are similar to those used by one of the greatest landscape painters, JMW Turner. 

Further information about the art materials that Andrew uses can be found at https://www.wallaceseymour.co.uk/ 


The Process

As this is a very personal and bespoke concept please answer the following two questions.

1. Where would you like painted? 


It maybe a place that you currently visit and where you are fortunate enough to live, a place you visited on holiday or a place that holds a special memory.

2. When would you like the painting completed?


The painting will be completed within a day from the place that you decide. If it is a specific view I will need to be directed to the exact spot. Therefore on the day you would need to be available to direct me to the location and then receive the completed work.

The Cost

The cost of your exclusive, bespoke and original painting is a fixed price of £400


This does not include travel to your location. In order to calculate the additional cost please complete the journey price calculator entering diesel and 30 MPG. 

The Order


Once you have decided on where you would like painted and the date for completion fill out the order form to secure your exclusive bespoke painting. You will then receive a receipt via email confirming your order.

Andrew will then contact you within 12 hours to arrange to visit your location. 

To secure your booking a 50% (£200) deposit is required. The remaining 50% as well as the cost of the return journey is to be paid upon completion of the original artwork. Quote GIFT to receive your exclusive 10% discount as a Landscape reader. 

Your painting will be completed on the same day using the finest quality British handmade art materials and signed by Andrew Field
Painting Commission Plein Air
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