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Andrew's Story

Educated in the UK

Andrew started selling his artwork at the age of sixteen from his parents house in Sutton Coldfield where he grew up. At the age of eighteen he moved to Lancaster and began studying for his degree. Andrew has always been fascinated with physical geography and the weather and these interests are very apparent within his work, and has helped to shape his artistic style. In addition whilst at Lancaster University Andrew researched the work of arguable the greatest landscape painter Joseph Mallord William Turner and John Constable. Andrew started to work in the British art tradition of Romanticism, working on a large scale and producing several 'six footer' paintings as well as mixed media works on paper, for his final degree show. The series inspired by his dissertation that focused on the return to abstraction by a group of St Ives artists were interpretations of physical processes through explorations with paint, charcoal, pastel, ink, gouache and collage. Andrew was heavily influenced by his tutor at Lancaster University who encouraged him to adopt a free, gestural style and he grew increasingly interested in effects of atmosphere and weather. As many St Ives artists, including Peter Lanyon and Patrick Heron were influenced by the American Abstract Expressionists Andrew started to experiment with applying colour in different ways, using a range of unconventional painting techniques, combining beeswax, impasto paste and using different types of paint such as household gloss and enamel paint. The results were compelling paintings of the sublime experiences in the landscape and he was awarded the Student Of The Year for his contribution to the Arts Faculty and a 1st Class Honours Degree. 


In the great tradition of so many British landscape painters of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Andrew has travelled and upon completing his degree, shortly after, he moved from the UK to live in the UAE. Living in Abu Dhabi for over ten years enabled Andrew to be close to the sea and the magical quality of water became one of his main inspirations. Andrew started to paint plein-air and visited remote areas of Abu Dhabi to record the drama in nature and beauty of the Arabian landscape. Andrew's paintings created plein-air were completed on cotton rag paper using the finest watercolour paints inspired by Joseph Mallord William Turner, who produced the greatest watercolours of all time. Andrew's work on the Yas Island and Saadiyat Island that is now home to The Louvre Abu Dhabi, was devoted to encapsulating perceptions ranging from the intimacy of stillness and smallness to the ceaseless rattle and rush of water as a storm is approaching overhead. The wildness, wilderness, arid and hostile landscape, painting in extremes of climate provided continual challenges for Andrew but gained him the respect and admiration of many gallerists, art collectors and art consultants in the UAE. Andrew remains to this day the only artist to have painted on Saadiyat and Yas Island before it is transformed into a global tourism destination that will soon be occupied by five star hotels and shopping malls. Some of the areas that Andrew used to paint on Abu Dhabi Island are now inaccessible and have been developed on. Andrew developed a very good relationship with his clients who have since become friends. He still continues to receive enquires from the UAE about purchasing his work, however he only has a few paintings remaining from the 'Abu Dhabi Series' which can be purchased directly from the website. Alternatively Capsule Arts in Dubai did produce two limited edition prints of two paintings that have previously been sold. The prints are museum quality giclee prints on archival paper with a set number of editions. Each artwork sold through Capsule Arts comes with an authenticity certificate, signed by the artist and stamped by us and these can be purchased at Capsule Arts.  

Painting in Abu Dhabi 

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Returning to the UK

Since moving back to the UK in 2015 Andrew has been developing a new collection of paintings inspired by the British landscape. He has recently had six of his paintings selected by Indigo Arts for publication. There will soon be a link to purchasing prints of this new series of work. Over the next few months Andrew will be exploring the landscape of Warwickshire and Worcestershire and producing plein-air watercolour paintings, sketchbook studies and developing large oil paintings.  With Andrew's most recent work there is a return to studying expressive landscape artists whom he greatly admires, notably David Prentice, David Tress and Peter Predergast to capture the moment, in every weather. The main aim really is to explore the sensory extremes of England, whatever the chosen medium to communicate my journey and experiences with a country that I am now fortunate to call my home. Ultimately, the visual representation of landscape and weather are a sacred conversation between author and viewer; matters in which perception and experience combine at various levels of acceptance to create a unity - for each of us, however long it may last. 

Buying Original Paintings from Andrew

If you would like to purchase one of Andrew's original paintings you can pay online and the artwork will packaged and delivered free of charge anywhere in the UK . For paintings to be shipped elsewhere there will be an additional charge based on the weight and size of the packaged artwork. All paintings will be signed by Andrew on the front or verso. 

Commissioning Andrew to produce an original, bespoke painting

Andrew has worked with art consultants in the UAE and UK for many years as well as private clients from the initial sketches to the completed commissioned piece. If you are searching for artwork to add strong colour to empty spaces and tie in with the interior design details, Andrew could be commissioned to create a bespoke, original painting. If you would like Andrew to visit your property to discuss your requirements 




or alternatively call or text mob: 07709976605